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Gord Kerr was a major help when my computer had started acting up on me. Patient and knowledgeable; he sought out the problems and got the parts and programs I needed to get my computer up and running again. As someone who uses their computer every day for gaming and other data consuming tasks, it needed some heavy duty TLC when the parts I first bought were at the end of their days, and Gord was able to deliver. Quite literally, as he was based out near Victoria and me in Ladysmith! Thanks again to him!
Rachael H.
I’ve appreciated having you to ‘turn to’ over the last two years. You’ve done a great job rectifying any computer problems that I’ve had. In addition you’ve kept my Mac up-to-date and you’ve educated me about how it works and how to do things. Another plus has been the timeliness with which you’ve responded to my ‘troubles’. I’m very technically ignorant and without your help I’d be ‘up the creek…’ Thank you! I will happily recommend you to any friends seeking repairs or instruction in technical areas.
Dawn M.
Hi Gord , just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on my new web site. It has truly been World Wide Web as I am now receiving orders from Europe. I still get compliments on the pictures and video. I didn’t realize what a great asset this was going to be , I have been swamped with orders . Thank you.!
Grant M.
Since Gord became my “go-to Mac guy” I finally have someone who can really support me and respond to my personal needs. He is patient, knowledgable and available at all hours for all sorts of weird situations. I recommend him highly.
Corrine A.
I couldn’t have had a better experience hiring Gord [Kerr]. Not only is Gord knowledgeable but he is very responsive. I rely on my desktop for a good portion of my daily business. On more than one occasion I have been in a real bind with my Mac running inefficiently. In the past, I tried contacting other technicians and Mac specialists and they simply have not made the cut. Gord has been able to resolve my issues in quick order; professionally and proficiently. For all my Mac issues, I call Gord with confidence that the job will be done correctly and that my questions will be answered.
Marcell H.
I’ve used Gord to solve various computer problems and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, smart, capable and kind. An intuitive problem solver, he is remarkably thoughtful about how he goes about figuring out solutions and then manages to explain them to even complete technophobes. He works quickly, charges fairly, is generous with his time, personable, unflappable and reliable (he shows up when he says he will — or calls to say he’s running late), I’d recommend him to anyone who needs a computer tech house call. It’s a pleasure to have him come by.
Katherine F.
For someone in their late 70s, navigating the computer world can be a daunting experience. But, thanks to the personalized service of Gord Kerr, this has become much easier for me and relieved a lot of stress. For any problem with my home computer, whether its technical help or a lesson on how to use the technology, Gord’s service has been invaluable. As a visual artist, Gord has advised me on uploading and organizing photographs of my paintings, making sure they are a proper size, etc.
Best of all, he makes house calls and is very prompt in responding to a request for help and making sure the problem is resolved. For years, my television screen was doubling as my computer screen and when I decided to get a proper computer screen, a call to Gord resulted in him bringing a used but still good screen and installing it within hours. His service is prompt and reliable, and I highly recommend him.
Marie N.
You understood my problem and dealt with it expeditiously. You explained what you were doing in terms I could understand.
Dennis Y.
Gord made a trip to Cobble Hill to deal with my problem and also fixed a couple of other things.
Eleanor M.
Gord was there for me when I needed assistance urgently, then provided excellent advice about how to optimize our system’s performance moving forward.
Cathy M.

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