Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another way of saying that the internet, instead of a computer, is being used to share and store data. If your device has access to the internet, then you can use cloud-based apps to create and share files. 

In this article I share loads of tips and links to information that will help you get the most out of the cloud. Whether you need solutions for home […]

What Makes A Strong Password?

What Makes A Strong Password?

Are you sure you know what makes a strong password? Consider the passwords you use every day for online banking or social media.

Are you confident they’re strong enough?

When was the last time you updated them?

This article covers the essentials for creating strong passwords and safely storing them, and for keeping your passwords up to date.

Creating A […]

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Social Media Security: Are You Sharing Too Much Information?

Social Media Security: Are You Sharing Too Much Information?

Cyber security is a big and growing issue, and social media is where many phishing and malware attacks happen. How secure is your information? Do you share all your Facebook posts with everyone? If you do, you might be opening yourself up to serious privacy risk, and the most common risk is getting hacked. When your account gets hacked, not only can […]

Annual Online Presence – Audit & Checklist

Have you ever Googled yourself?

What shows up when you Google search yourself? You might be surprised by what turns up. That’s why I want you to do an online presence audit this month.

If you’re looking for work, own a small business, or do a lot of networking you can bet that someone will type your name into Google. You need to have control over what they see. […]

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Cloud Security: What You Need to Know

Cloud Security: What You Need to Know

If you’re considering moving your business to the cloud, or you have already but haven’t been informed of the potential security threats, you’ve come to the right place.

Storing your data on the cloud has many benefits, including redundant backup systems and affordability. Like anything that involves the internet, though, it’s not immune to cyber attacks. Here are some of the top threats and […]

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What to do when you open a webpage that may be dangerous to your computer.

3 signs that the webpage you opened is bad news

A while ago I wrote about malware and adware (if you want to read that blog post you can find it here).  Today, we’re going to dig in a little more. To start off though, it’s always best to remember: never download software on your computer unless you are 100% sure you know what it is.

Use this as your mental checklist every […]

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What Are Internet Cookies And Are They Necessary?

What exactly are Internet cookies, and are they necessary?

If you’ve heard of Internet “cookies”, you’re probably a little concerned (and disappointed that they have nothing to do with the chocolate chip ones you might be enjoying as you read this).

Is someone spying on you?

Not quite. Cookies are small text files that web browsers save; they contain data (such as a user ID) to give sites information about your browsing activity. Here is the

Your computer is backed up, right?

Your best backup strategy

If you’ve ever gone through a hard drive failure crisis, then you know how important backing up your computer is. On the other hand, if you’ve been skipping along with nary a problem and you’ve never backed your aging computer up: it’s time.

Hard drives can fail without warning. And it’s really hard (often impossible) to retrieve your lost data. Years of photos, contracts, your resume — gone. No […]

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Laggy, slow computer? Here’s what to do!

What to do when your computer is too slow

If your computer is running at the speed of molasses, it’s time to look under the hood.

There are several possible reasons that your computer is performing poorly. In this article, I’m going to break down a few of the most common problems and how you can fix them.

I’ve talked to many people who, instead of taking […]

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How to safely store your passwords

If you have a file on your computer called “passwords”, read this: Password security is very important. I commonly see individuals and teams saving their passwords in their email inboxes or in a file on their desktops, usually in a stealthily named “Passwords.doc” file. Maybe you remember the story from 2014 about Sony’s password file getting hacked? The name of this file was … “Passwords”. There are many stories like this, and it’s a BIG issue. If […]

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