Secure Online Banking: Keeping Your Money Safe!

Online Banking

Remember 1994 when bank cards were a novelty? Since then digital banking technology has come a long way, and today in Canada it’s estimated that 68% of consumers use online banking to make purchases, deposit checks remotely, check bank balances, transfer money, make bill payments, and more.

Whether you’re already an avid online banker or you’re just getting started, I recommend reading this article to make sure you’re doing […]

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Help! My Hard Drive Is Full!

Help! My Hard Drive Is Full!

It happens to all of us. You open your computer and start uploading your vacation photos, and a window pops up telling your hard drive is full. Now what?

If you don’t do anything, your computer will continue to slow down until it stalls altogether. It’s time to do some clean up.

In this article I’m going to walk you through a […]

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