Why It’s Important To Install Your Software Updates

Why It’s Important To Install Software Updates

Is it necessary to install software updates for my operating system? The short answer: YES!

Software updates are important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Improved performance and stability of the applications on your computer, and
  2. Patches for security holes in old software.

This article is all about why you should install software updates, and when to install […]

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What Makes A Strong Password?

What Makes A Strong Password?

Are you sure you know what makes a strong password? Consider the passwords you use every day for online banking or social media.

Are you confident they’re strong enough?

When was the last time you updated them?

This article covers the essentials for creating strong passwords and safely storing them, and for keeping your passwords up to date.

Creating A […]

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Beating Adware & Malware

How to outsmart those tricky online scammers

Malware and adware are applications that you accidentally download to your computer. They are unnecessary programs or plugins that market themselves for solving some issue or making your life easier. Games, free search bars, etc. Usually if its a free download that is promoted from an ad it contains adware, which is the end game for the developer to get paid.  I get a lot of calls from clients in a panic, […]

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