Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another way of saying that the internet, instead of a computer, is being used to share and store data. If your device has access to the internet, then you can use cloud-based apps to create and share files. 

In this article I share loads of tips and links to information that will help you get the most out of the cloud. Whether you need solutions for home […]

Why It’s Important To Install Your Software Updates

Why It’s Important To Install Software Updates

Is it necessary to install software updates for my operating system? The short answer: YES!

Software updates are important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Improved performance and stability of the applications on your computer, and
  2. Patches for security holes in old software.

This article is all about why you should install software updates, and when to install […]

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What Makes A Strong Password?

What Makes A Strong Password?

Are you sure you know what makes a strong password? Consider the passwords you use every day for online banking or social media.

Are you confident they’re strong enough?

When was the last time you updated them?

This article covers the essentials for creating strong passwords and safely storing them, and for keeping your passwords up to date.

Creating A […]

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Help! My Hard Drive Is Full!

Help! My Hard Drive Is Full!

It happens to all of us. You open your computer and start uploading your vacation photos, and a window pops up telling your hard drive is full. Now what?

If you don’t do anything, your computer will continue to slow down until it stalls altogether. It’s time to do some clean up.

In this article I’m going to walk you through a […]

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Sharing Your Photos Online The Easy Way

Sharing Photos Online The Easy Way

If you’re like two-thirds of Canadians, you own a smartphone. And with that smartphone you have the ability to take pretty great pictures… on something that can fit in your pocket. Candid shots of the kids, beautiful sunsets, that sneaky raccoon who keeps finding his way into your garage — the photographic possibilities are endless. But then, what do you do with […]

Social Media Security: Are You Sharing Too Much Information?

Social Media Security: Are You Sharing Too Much Information?

Cyber security is a big and growing issue, and social media is where many phishing and malware attacks happen. How secure is your information? Do you share all your Facebook posts with everyone? If you do, you might be opening yourself up to serious privacy risk, and the most common risk is getting hacked. When your account gets hacked, not only can […]

How To Choose The Right Phone Plan

Choosing the right phone plan.

500 local minutes, 1 gigabyte of data, free long distance calling, unlimited text messaging, limited time offer! When did it all get so complicated? Remember the good old days when phone plans were simple? You had a choice between getting a long distance plan or not getting a long distance plan. And land lines were so cheap!

Now, there are a handful of companies […]

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The Importance Of Having An IT Professional On Your Team

Why You Need A Dedicated IT Person On Your Team

Does the problem of fixing computer issues often fall on your youngest team members, or your son or daughter? While people are usually happy to help out, people without Information Technology training often have to learn things by trial and error. Troubleshooting in the dark isn’t a good use of time or skill, and burns younger employees out. You need an […]

How To Choose The Right Website Hosting Service

Answering these 3 questions will help you choose the right  website hosting service

Picking a website hosting service is a bit like looking for a gift for your son-in-law. You kind of know what to get, but you have no idea if it will fit right or if he’ll like the style worn by the mannequin in the window. So, I’m going to make this easy for you! Answer the three […]

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