A WordPress website:  is a website you can use

A completely custom website built from scratch code can be beautiful and alluring,  but it can also be very expensive and hard to maintain. Technology changes so fast that custom code used to build your website a few years ago could be outdated now. The developer who wrote that code could be a master, but what if he is studying Yoga in India now? Having a local company who you can sit down with, pick up the phone and talk to, is an important consideration when choosing to have your website redone. 

When it comes to websites for small businesses, artists, photographers or anyone who just wants a professional, functional website,  we recommend WordPress. It is the industry standard CMS ( content management system ) on the web, powering many of the large and small websites you see every day.

Why a WordPress website is a also a great platform for a blog, or online store:

  • Its a free open-source platform that is constantly being improved and it will be around for a long time
  • It’s easy to find helpful troubleshooting guides or videos online if you want to maintain your own website.
  • It’s user-friendly, easy to learn, and very common, so most web companies and technical people are familiar with it.

We’ve met lots of small business owners, artists and bloggers who spent a lot of money on a brand new custom website. They were given a 20 min “tutorial” on using their website, and then told that they had to call the company who built it to do any updates, and pay to make those changes. We build websites with the idea that our clients want to take them over and update them. We can provide help for big changes, or be contracted to do maintenance, or updates, but the ability for the client to do that themselves is front and centre.

While your website designer is always the best person to contact first if there is a problem, its nice to know that you have the choice of many others who can help you change a phone number or the contact email on your website. With WordPress, you have the industry standard platform and if you have West Coast Technical build your site, you’ll have the access to your own website dashboard to have a friend you trust give you a hand to update it.

Flexibility is a huge plus for WordPress

If you decide you want to start selling products in an online store, or you want to add a calendar or some social media sharing buttons, that functionality can be added quite rapidly and cost effectively, using technology called “plugins”.  You won’t need to go through a huge website redesign and spends thousands of dollars on upgrading your custom site’s functionality. Also, since popular plugins are used by many websites they’re updated regularly, and they’re ready to go with minimal testing. You could have your online store up sooner than planned!


West Coast Technical Services builds and hosts websites every day

We can help by:
  • Purchasing your domain name for you
  • Hosting your website on our secure server
  • Building you a professional turnkey WordPress website
  • Setting you up with Google G Suite professional email
  • Training you ( if needed ) so that you start on the right foot
  • Providing maintenance packages to suit your needs.