How to separate your personal Instagram account from your business or work account

Instagram LogoAs a small business owner I’m always looking for a way to promote my business, create dialogue and drive new clients to my website. Instagram, the social photo sharing phone app and website, is a wonderful way to share bits and pieces of your day, artwork, photo skills or affirmations. I’ve been using the platform for 5 years, and have amassed quite a collection of personal photos of my life and adventures, relationships and friends. I love taking photos with the app, playing with the filters and posting them for my followers. I’ve also recognized it has great potential for sending people to my business website though the link in the profile, but I’ve been aware that people looking for my business don’t necessarily want to see the minutiae of my personal life, and not everyone looking at my personal account should be sent to my business. I’d been trying to decide what to do about separating the two as a coincidence happened upon an invitation to a Rogers Small Business Centre event in Victoria.

The event was lead by Rochelle Grayson a small business owner and very accomplished digital strategist, who had a very informative presentation on how to leverage SEO, optimize your website and use social media to drive more views to your website, and convert them to clients. I asked Rochelle after her presentation how she thought I should approach the issue I had with my 5 year old Instagram account and my mixed audiences. Rochelle suggested I use a new feature Instagram has to create and SWITCH between multiple accounts on my phone. I’d thought of creating a separate account before, but the headache of logging in and out of two accounts had kept me from trying it, and I hadn’t realized they had created a way to switch between multiple accounts. The max number of accounts you can have on one device is five (5) by the way.

Instagram App

Having learned that I could in fact create separate accounts ( you need a separate email address, and username ) I set out to change the profile of my existing account to a personal look, using a personal username, and email address. Then I created a new account, using my business name and address, business logo, and then used the setting inside the Instagram app on my iPhone to convert it to a business account, and connect it to my business Facebook page. Once I confirmed by email that I owned that account, I realized I could use the “Add Account” link inside Instagram to ADD the other account, my personal one which has existed for 5 years, and then pressing the name of the account at the top of my instagram profile allows me to instantly switch between the two.

Now I can post business related photos into the appropriate account, and keep my personal history of adventures, relationships, friends and separate. Of course this is also appropriate if you work for a company and have the reins to the company Instagram account, or you are a social media manager for a firm and need to post to multiple accounts.

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