In my last post, I explained how syncing email between devices saves you time and effort. This time I talk about syncing other data through the “Cloud.” If you’re out with your kids, or your grandkids, you can snap photos and later look at them on your larger desktop screen without the fuss of emailing or transferring data manually. The same goes for videos, emails, and documents.

When I’m on a trip where I know data and phone service might not be available, I’ll save a screenshot or a PDF from my laptop so that I can access it from my phone if I’m feeling lost. DON’T do this with your passwords. ( there are safer ways to make sure you have your passwords with you. )  In this case, your phone acts like a small computer, and beats printing off documents that get ripped, spilled on, and too crumpled to read.

Syncing data is also really useful for email. You’ll only have to check and delete emails once, and they’re gone. No need to remember to delete your message again from another device.

It’s all made possible by the “Cloud”, a network of servers you can connect to via wifi. If you use an Android mobile device, you’ll connect to Google Apps, and if you use Apple devices you can connect to either Google Apps or to Apple’s own iCloud.

To connect to iCloud, log in with your regular Apple ID and password. To sync your photos and documents, you’ll need to adjust your settings to turn on iCloud under Preferences for your desktop applications, and through Settings on your mobile device.

Android/Google works much the same. You’ll need a Google account and you’ll need Google Drive, Google+ Photos, and Gmail set up on your desktop and mobile.

One word of caution before you get going. Watch that data! When you’re syncing and NOT connected to wifi (your phone automatically connects to data), your bill can skyrocket. I recommend either turning off syncing or turning off your data connection unless you are connected to Wifi. Better yet, get a decent data plan with 1GB or 2GB or data and utilize the full capabilities of that mobile computer in your pocket.

Want to sync up your systems? Contact me today and I’ll set everything up for you and show you how to use it.. …