Technology moves very quickly, and so much has changed since email has become the de facto standard for daily communications.  Maybe you are happy with the email service you use now, but if you are still using that free Shaw or Telus email you got when you signed up 10 years ago, you may be in the market for some new features.

The biggest challenge my clients face is email synchronization and portability. Smartphones and tablets have changed how we do email. Clients are often frustrated with email that needs to be managed on multiple devices and cannot send or receive mail reliably.

Here are three email providers that I recommend in order of preference are below.

Yahoo! Logo

Yahoo is the least popular of the three offerings, but is still a viable option for personal use. I don’t recommend it for business. Its interface is similar to Outlook’s and you get 1TB (1,000 GB) of space when you sign up. If you regularly use Yahoo! for news or search results it may make sense for you to have your email there as well.

Outlook email, ( not to be confused with Microsoft Outlook which is a desktop application ) is a redesigned and modernized Hotmail. Its very feature rich, with a sleek interface and ties into all the Microsoft Office applications both the desktop and cloud based versions. Outlook is free, but Microsoft also offers several levels of professional and business application suites called Office365 which range in price and features. Outlook is nicely designed, and has powerful integration with Microsoft Office products.

Gmail Logo

I recommend Gmail for a number of reasons:

  • Gmail will be around for a long time with a big team behind it constantly improving its features.

  • You can trust  it works on all devices, and keeps your mail constantly synchronized.

  • Professional accounts available with your website for only $5 CAD a month.

  • Gmail allows you to import mail from other accounts like Shaw or Telus, and be able to respond from any device, so you don’t have to give up your current email address.

Gmail is easy to use, has an amazing spam filter system and it’s very user-friendly.